Moonlight on the River

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[O]n the way to the parking garage, Jet lifted his head skyward. The moon stood out like an enormous globe hanging above the ridges of the surrounding mountains. Tonight there was an added benefit in working late. There are few sights more romantic than a full moon shining over the Monongahela River. It stirred his imagination, and this day he needed inspiration.

Robert Jettalich Mollenaux begins teaching at Crucible, the university where he formerly excelled in football. His career begins as his grandfather dies, leaving him responsible for managing the estate. Before classes begin, he endures a drunken encounter with a voracious female student, and in a mutually agreed upon break-up, ends a long term relationship with his girlfriend. Robert, known to everyone as Jet, begins his teaching on a low note.

Jet, a local football hero and Zoya Okamoto, a career-minded scientist from Japan, are two young strong-willed and newly appointed college professors. They meet unpromisingly when Jet sees a beautiful Asian woman at a faculty function. Their introduction turns into a disaster. He retreats to the familiarity of the gymnasium, and hours later, in the course of a pick-up basketball game, he literally falls on top of the girl he’d insulted. He breaks his collarbone and she storms away.

With such a rocky beginning no one could predict they would fall in love. Although they come from different ends of the earth, they forge a bond that cannot be broken. Neither Zoya’s doting father, religious differences, cultural differences, nor the specter of kidnapping and extortion, hinders their strengthening romance.

Chance had brought them together, and their love is shaped in conflict and uncertainty. In a set of dire circumstances, Jet fights for his love. Zoya, a heroine who can fend for herself, joins him in the struggle. They prove to be a formidable pair. His journey with Zoya is a hurricane ride.

If he reflected and allowed his senses to direct him, he could envision their future. His grandfather often remarked that things forged in fire come out the strongest, but Gramps was usually half-lit on dandelion wine when he said it. If karma had a heart, Gramps’ theory would be right.