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“When dark days come and monsters are at the door, I want you to stand behind Cain Machinovic. He will beat back the beasts, or be the first one destroyed.”

Cain Machinovic, the man who captured the legendary serial murderer, Oliver Alt, returns in this sequel to Kill by Numb3rs. He leads a crack FBI team known as the 7th Circle, which is dedicated to hunting this type of sociopath. The capture of a murderer in the Blue Ridge Mountains opens a Pandora’s Box of death and unleashes a case of epic proportions. Cain, nicknamed The Machine, takes down one villain, and others arise.

From all over the country, a league of murderers surfaces, all playing a deadly online fantasy game called Clan Bean, based on a 10th-century clan that killed 1000 people. Today, in real life, the death toll mounts. The 7th Circle relentlessly pursues these monsters and in the chase, unwitting become targets.An extraordinary evil group versus Cain Machinovic, some would call an unfair fight. Others, who know The Machine well, place their bets on Cain.


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Burma Hill: Review of Edge of the 7th Circle.

At long last, I am writing my review of Edge of The 7th Circle! Kudos to my friend Harvey Tate on this novel of suspense, intrigue, romance, family drama, friendship, loyalty… all these themes and more. The author has carefully interwoven all these themes to produce a story line around the main character Cain Machinovic. Harvey Tate writes with such descriptive language that, even though this is my first encounter with Machinovic, I feel that I have journeyed with him before. Machinovic heads up an FBI team, the 7th Circle, that takes you through various emotions… boredom or ennui not one of them. The 7th Circle has unique/unorthodox methods for capturing one villain after another. Tate’s character strikes a balance between Machinovic the Unrelenting Agent and the everyday life of Machinovic as Daddy and Husband. This is a good read for rainy (or even snowy) days!