Little Sisters of War

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[T]he Shenandoah Valley is the setting for a women’s lacrosse team on a quest for a winning season. The Native American connection and the spirituality of the Creators game are seen through the eyes of Kate Holland as she prepares for her final season at tiny Spotswood College. It is a season that borders on disaster and hints of glory. The team’s destiny is forged by their schedule and game-to-game, week-to-week challenges
from opponents starting in Maryland, and ending in North Carolina. The season takes place in the cold spring of the Appalachians in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Georgia Von Mater felt beyond tired. The chemicals fighting the cancer in her body seemed to take all of her strength tonight. The doctors warned her she would undergo these periods. She would experience bouts of fever, chills, and nausea at various times. These things were symptoms she could fight, but the fatigue and the depression, which accompanied it, were the hardest to overcome.

She perked up when she heard the phone…It would be Ariel. “Coach, how are you?”

“Bless you, I’m fine Ariel, I rested, and I’m feeling better.” “I’m glad you let me drive you home. My husband thought you were very pale. Are you feeling stronger?” “The chemicals I take only make my body weak. They cannot affect my spirit. Can you believe what happened today? These girls are extraordinary. I believe this is a special team, and I assure you, they do not come along very often.

“We have a million things to talk about.” They chatted for an hour, reviewing things the team needed to do tomorrow. They both agreed Lee would try to take away their offense by focusing on Andi and Kate.

Georgia believed the rest of the offense would meet the test. “This team is capable of scoring. Kate will show them the way, and Andi will get it done. All we need is a defense to hold Bailey and Delong.”

Ariel sounded excited by the challenge. “I think we can hold them, we are a far different team than the one they played at the beginning of the season. All we need is to believe. This team has come a long way, through some bad times.”

When Coach Von Mater hung up the phone she could feel her strength returning. These girls were her family. She’d once foolishly shut them out. The lure of self-pity and denial took her away from the things she needed most. She expended a moment of strength to offer a prayer, thanking God for the rewards he’d given her. The more she became involved in her team, the more she could cope with tomorrow.