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Kill By Numb3rs

As The Wind Walks

Moonlight on the River

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Hi, I’m Harvey Tate!

A Spanish phrase, las palomitas, means little doves, and the imagery evokes a descriptive idiom for popcorn. Why books and popcorn? Why not? Popcorn was an affordable luxury during the 1930’s and the great depression. In the toughest of times, people turn toward what is cheap and good—bang for your buck. Popped corn was a Great Depression favorite. Books are an old indulgence, evolving from hand written, or hand cranked presses, to 21st Century digital volumes. There is nothing like relaxing with your feet up, a bowl of warm popcorn by your side, and a book to create a feeling of well-being.

What about Harvey’s books? Reviewers mention that Harvey’s novels blend eras seamlessly and recreate periods like snapshots in time. They also say he weaves the beauty of nature with the harsh realities of life brilliantly and make comments like; “Wow—I finished your book and was not only captivated by the story but amazed at all the research that you must do to include all the detail.”

Harvey’s books cross all genres; romance, history, mystery, sci-fi, and sports. Try Harvey’s books with some popcorn. You’ll enjoy both.

Information about my latest book, EDGE OF THE SEVENTH CIRCLE,  can be found on the messages from Harvey page.

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